ShokLite protective sports clothing

Shoklite is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material (absorbs 50kg or 110lb of direct ‘hit’), designed in the UK, to alter the way we think about protecting the human body from impact and injury.

Shoklite Ltd, is a company working with world leading patented protection materials. Shoklite is a revolutionary new energy absorbing material designed to alter the way we think about protecting the human body from impact and injury on the roads. Gone are the days of bulky, uncomfortable, often heavy, body-worn protection. This next-gen super light material may be incorporated directly into a garment to shield against impacts and abrasions. Shoklite is working with industry leading companies in the sport and urban cycle travel space to market this new product.

There are over 6 million Cyclists and Scooter riders on UK roads. There has been exponential growth in Cycling and Scooter riding in the UK over the last few years, but also a rise in accidents to match. Following road accidents, Cyclists and Scooter riders often sustain various breaks and abrasions.

Cycling Injuries overview

  • 80% of cycling accidents affect upper limbs – collarbone, shoulder, arm.
  • 25% of cycling accidents affect legs
  • 5% of cycling accidents affect chest or abdomen with a high percentage of the 5% also having head injuries.

Trying to purchase suitable urban apparel that offers impact and abrasion protection would appear to be obvious for two wheel riding, but up until now, has been impossible.

Shoklite is launching a range of upper body garments, in partnership with leading cycling companies, a range of upper body garments aimed at all riders including the Urban/Commuter Cyclist/Scooterist to address the growing number of two wheel accidents in the UK.

This specialised range of apparel includes Shoklite’s Safety Protection, to mitigate against breaks and abrasions is a whole new market. A market, we estimate, worth over £1bn in the UK alone.

The board of Shoklite includes people with outstanding design skills and knowledge of the sports and retail industries.

This is the Shoklite pad, 4.5mm thick. It absorbs 50kg of force that will prevent bone breaks and abrasions. It fits into the shoulder and elbow positioning in the jacket. It is this area of the body that is most affected in urban cycling accidents (source NHS).

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