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Delivering for NSA for Retail (G4G) and Skillsmart / National Skills Academy – Retail (S/NSA) Chronology

March 2010

Skillsmart launch the 7 Mary Portas Masterclasses

June 2010

Rowland Gee (RG) launches G4G

September 2010

RG introduced to Anne Seaman (AS) CEO of Skillsmart  at BIS event by Jerry Marwood CEO of Spar UK

October 2010

Minister Mark Prisk endorses G4G

November 2010

RG meets AS and Jane Rexworthy (JR) CEO of NSA of S/NSA to discuss mentoring.  S/NSA identify issue post Masterclass. Attendees want more.

January 2011

S/NSA invite G4G to pitch its services and write a ‘business health check.’

March 2011

G4G presents its market and mentoring report.

April 2011

S/NSA decides to work with G4G.

May 2011

Case study work begins between S/NSA and G4G

July 2011

G4G appears on the new British Bankers Association website,

August 2011

S/NSA and G4G agree to co-operate and plan joint web site initiatives.

September 2011

G4G goes over 750 mentor registrations and opens talks in USA for G4G USA

September 2011

G4G is invited to mentor start-ups in Shropshire.

October 2011

S/NSA invites tenders for a Mary Portas, fit for purpose, re-write, called the Guide to Successful Retailing

November 2011

G4G invited to write content by lead party and suggests a ‘tighter’ and more businesslike and interactive course.

November 2011

Tender won by lead party.

December 2011

Mary Portas  publishes the Portas Review for High Street re-generation

January 2012

Guide to Successful Retailing  (GSR) delivered to S/NSA

February 2012

S/NSA’s GSR launched.

February 2012

G4G ‘key’ mentors invited to become business mentors by S/NSA on live site.

Grey4Gold’s Role

  • Coach: Assist a retailer to learn new skills and practice new behaviours.
  • Advise: Share professional wisdom, make suggestions and warn of dangers.
  • Support: Listen & understand the issues the retailer needs to overcome.
  • Encourage: Build the retailer’s confidence to undertake complex tasks to reach their goals.

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