Case Studies

Entering New Markets – Textrade

Grey4Gold provided UK market analysis and presented a business plan to guide Textrade on how best to enter the UK home decor market.

The Business Plan

Address the following 10 headings:

  1. The market for the company’s products in the U.K.
  2. The company’s USP and points of difference.
  3. Breaking into the market and the channels to entry.
    1. Private label
    2. Designer brand
    3. B-C web site
  4. Defining the product needs of the UK market.
  5. UK representation and location possibilities.
  6. Trade Fairs, trade and consumer.
  7. Marketing, PR and Indian Embassy support.
  8. How can the company’s USA experience benefit entry in the UK.
  9. Financial implications and options of setting up in UK.
  10. Summary

Grey4Gold recommended a three-pronged approach to the UK market & delivered on the business plan objectives. Within a year, we achieved:

  • Key buyers identified for Heimtex invitation
  • Connection made with John Lewis Partnership
  • Three Designer Brands signed
  • Salesperson employed

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